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Tuesday, Nov 1st
6:00pm - 8:00pm Klaus 2456

Come to learn how to deploy your website and make it available to the world.


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Nov 1


Come to learn how to deploy your website and make it available to the world.

Oct 19

Code and Chill

Come to chill with gt-webdev officers and other club members!

Oct 18

Redux Tutorial

Learn Redux and master front-end development!

Oct 12

Hang out with gt-webdev officers and buddies!

Come today to hangout with fellow web developers and get your questions answered!

Oct 5

Home Depot: TDD with Ruby on Rails

Come see Home Depot talk about Test Driven Development using Ruby on Rails!

Oct 4


Come to learn a really cool front-end framework, ReactJS, and make your website dynamic

Sep 28

Introduction to Front-end Frameworks and Angular 1.5

Come to this meeting to learn using a front-end framework and make cool web apps!

Sep 27

DOM Manipulation

Learn how to use Javascript and JQuery to manipulate your web page to make it interactive!

Sep 14

Microsoft Azure Workshop

Come to this workshop co-hosted by Microsoft and learn about Microsoft Cloud Platform and introductory workshop to making web and mobile apps using Azure App Service. Bring your resume for a chance to win an XBOX ONE!

Sep 13


Learn JavaScript from 0 to 10 and become a master of dynamic web application developer!

Sep 7


Have you ever wondered how your web browser communicates with a server? Did you know that you can integrate your web applications with other web apps like Facebook, Google, or anything? Come to this meeting to learn more about the basics of Web API. We're also going to build a web app that is integrated with Facebook and Microsoft's Machine Learning Service.

Sep 6


A web app without HTML/CSS is like a bird without wings. Learn the basics of web development by mastering HTML/CSS.

Aug 31

Login Systems (Webdev Talk)

Almost every web application needs a login system. Learn how to efficiently create a secure login system using auth0 API in this meeting.

Aug 30

Introduction to gt-webdev!

Welcome to gt-webdev! Learn what gt-webdev is all about and expect a great meeting!