GT WebDev

current projects

We'll keep you posted with any projects as the semester nears!

previous projects

Fall 2021

Spotify Analytics Tool

A tool similar to Spotify Wrapped used to analyze and show trends in people's Spotify listening data

Manager: Vignesh Sreedhar

Data Converter

A web application to convert between different files types, such as between PNG and PDF

Manager: Stephen Buckley

Real-Time Chat

A website that fosters 1-1 and group conversation with real-time updates

Manager: Deepak Ramalingam

Browser Game

An in-browser game in which a player moves around and avoids obstacles

Manager: Deepak Ramalingam

Protest Website

A social-media-like portal in which people can plan and join protests

Manager: Jin Park

Essay Dashboard

A web application that shows examples of essays and related academic content

Manager: Pranay Shah

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Dashboard

A web application to visualize and track cryptocurrency holdings

Manager: Talia Tian

Cryptocurrency Exchange

A tool to make exchanges between different forms of cryptocurrency

Manager: Bek Hovakimian

Spring 2021

GT WebDev Website

This very website! Most of the architecture and planning was done

Manager: Stephen Buckley

Internship Tracker

A tool to track a student's internship applications and their statuses

Manager: Dane Koval