GT WebDev

where we meet

We meet every Tuesday from 6:30 P.M. to around 7:30 P.M. Atlanta time. Currently, we meet at CCB (College of Computing Building) 102.


Meeting Date
9/7/2021GT Web Dev Informational First MeetingHere
9/14/2021Project Teams Informational MeetingHere
9/21/2021HTML & CSS TutorialHere
9/28/2021Project Teams IntroductionHere
10/5/2021ES6 Javascript TutorialHere
10/14/2021React TutorialHere
10/26/2021Git TutorialHereHere
11/2/2021Node Express TutorialHereHere
11/9/2021Speaker: Jason ParkN/A
11/30/2021Speaker: Zach PanzarinoTBD